My mother was a yo-yo dieter. She always seemed to be putting on a couple of stone then losing it …only to pile it on once more. I too found that when my weight started to creep up after I reached the age of 40, and I dieted, I just put more weight back on quickly.

Put simply, dieting doesn’t work.

Chances are you have done this too, successfully dieted only to put it back on again…then dieted again. You’ve probably expended years of your life focussed on keeping your weight down.

The truth is that whilst you have shown you have the willpower to succeed when dieting, it’s always been about depriving yourself of the foods you like. And often the more you’re deprived then the more you crave it…..sound familiar?

The trouble is that we have been ‘programmed’ to use food in certain ways over the years. Perhaps it was a reward when you were a child, or maybe you had to eat everything on your plate because waste wasn’t right……but over the years, what’s happened is you’ve have trained yourself on a subconscious level to eat even when you don’t want it. These patterns are embedded within our subconscious minds from childhood and often there are many of these engrained habits. Sometimes we follow these patterns without even realising: comfort eating, eating when watching tv, binging on our favourite foods, clearing our plates, snacking…often we don’t even recall eating what we have and are shocked to see the empty plate or wrapper…we didn’t even taste it. That’s because these habits are engrained in our subconscious and we are eating ‘subconsciously’.

I too have been where you are but after qualifying as a hypnotherapist and researching weight management I used hypnotherapy to get rid of the ‘unconscious’ ways I was eating food and retune to eat intuitively.

After committed practice I found my weight stabilised. I don’t feel deprived of any food…in fact I eat exactly what I want….and finally I have a healthy relationship with my food daily.
It has helped me to feel happier, build confidence and enjoy my life again, because food and weight are no longer an issue.

My Brilliant Weight Management Programme has been developed to help you achieve the same. It will help you pinpoint your personal subconscious patterns and then recode your subconscious mind to change any bad eating habits you’ve developed. You will probably find you make many subtle adjustments which will allow you retune to your bodies needs and achieve your ideal weight and shape. You will be back in control.

The programme is over 6 sessions and will give you personalised information, plans, guided scripts for you to listen to at home, nutritional information and much more……

I believe this programme can help anyone struggling to achieve their weight management goals and I’m so delighted with my own results and those of my clients that would like to share this success with you.

If you allow me to help, we will work together as a team and conquer your weight worries and issues for good.