Modern life means we are bombarded with pressure to achieve and our minds can become relentlessly busy. Our ‘to do’ lists get longer and we often feel that we are not doing as well as we could despite our drive to get things done.

We may spend years wanting to make changes to undesirable habits or to move on from issues that spoil our enjoymeent of life and hold us back. Or perhaps we just simply wan to find ways to relax regularly.

I specialise in helping you clear your thinking about what you want from life, what might be holding you back or making you unhappy and then work with you to build solutions and regain control, relax and find happiness

I bring a lifetime of experience, specialist training in various pychotherapeutic interventions, and a wam and supportive approach to help you. At our first confidential meeting we will discuss your situation in depth and then develop and agree a strategy to help you.

I take a holistic view of you and will deal with any underlying issues or blockages to progress as the therapy evolves.

As a ‘solutions focussed’ therapist my aim is to help you to achieve the changes you desire quickly and effectively.